About Campione Casinos

Since Campione Casinos are not part of the EUVAT act, they are free from taxation and are often viewed as a gambling mecca for high rollers. The casino itself was built during World War II and has since expanded to one of the largest in the entire world.

Tax Free

Many people wonder how Campione visitors are able to get away with foregoing taxes since the institution is owned and ran by the government of Italy. However, the way it works is truly jaw-dropping. The casino was actually established by the government as a way to make money for the various states and cities across Italy, meaning that all of the profits taken in are handed back to the people in some way or another. Hence, paying taxes in such a situation would simply seem redundant and unnecessary.

Game Options

Within the walls of the Campione casino, players can enjoy American games like Texas Hold'em, Caribbean Stud poker, craps and the ever-famous blackjack. French games are also quite a hit and include European Roulette, Chemin de Fer and even Trente--otherwise known as Quarante. Like casinos across the world, the Campione is no stranger to slot machines and offers hundreds of options for players to enjoy.

Finding the Campione

As the Campione casino is one of the largest tourist landmarks in Italy, it is not at all difficult to locate. First, drivers will take the Campione D'Italy exit from the A9 motorway; this can be found directly between the exits for Milan and Lugano. Players who are staying nearby may also choose to hire any one of the numerous shuttles that run between the Campione and nearby towns and cities, as well.

The Campione provides plenty in the way of beauty and modern architecture as well as plenty of gaming options for people of all cultures. From standard blackjack to the lucrative baccarat variant Chemin de Fer, there is absolutely something for everyone to enjoy.