Rules and Guidelines for American Roulette

A number of casinos in North America offer American roulette. There are many things different about American roulette compared to other games, so it is vital for players to learn the rules of the game. This gambling guide will teach you everything you need to know about American roulette and will drastically improve your chances to win. However, we still recommend that you put our tips and strategies to the test first on free roulette tables and after you get familiar to start playing for real money.

What Makes the Game Different?

The thing that makes American roulette different from other games is that it offers 38 different numbers. 00 is the extra number in American roulette that other games do not have. This number gives the house a higher edge of 5.26% and also gives players a bigger range of betting options, for example the top line bet, which allows players to wager on the first 5 numbers.

Inside and Outside Bets

Even though American roulette has the most numbers, it functions just like the other forms of roulette. There are inside bets and outside bets involved. Inside bets are when players put their chips on the numbers, also called a single number bet, or they place them on the lines and the corners of numbers and an outside bet is when the bet is on the spaces outside, like 1-18, 19-36, Odd, Even, etc.

Online American Roulette

For the online version of American Roulette, all the player has to do is place the bet on the table and click the spin button. Roulette has specific rules that you need to know in order to fully enjoy playing the game. We'll show you how to play it and give you full access to the best casino sites that feature the game. Open the jeu de la roulette page to find out more info. When the ball stops on the wheel, the bet is decided. Also, gamers have the ability to place numerous bets on the wheel at the same time.

Casino American Roulette

In the actual casino version of the game, players are allowed to make bets until the dealer tells them they can no longer do so. Whenever the bets have been decided, the dealer sweeps away the losing chips and gives the winner more chips for their reward. After this happens, a marker is put on the board to show players they can no longer make bets.

There are a few rules that separate American Roulette from other versions of the game so it is important that players educate themselves on these guidelines. The fun and exciting game can be played online or it can be played in the casino.